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Swing Bed Skilled Services

Welcome to our  Swingbed Skilled Services Program. Skilled care is an alternative to the earlier  hospital discharge as required by Medicare  regulations. To meet Medicare criteria for admittance to the Swingbed Program a  person must be in need of some form of  skilled care. Skilled services that are offered here include the following:  nursing therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, psychological consultation, dietary consultation, laboratory, pharmacy,  activity, and social services.

The Swingbed Program  derives its name from the fact that the patients are "swung" from the acute  level of care, after a minimum of 3 consecutive midnights, to the skilled level of care if the skilled admission criteria is met.  Upon discharge from your skilled stay, you may then be "swung" to an intermediate care facility or discharged  to home.  Some of the patients could be  "swung" from acute to skilled care and then "swung" back to acute care if their condition warrants.

To assist you in understanding the program, we have listed some of the highlights of the Swingbed Program: 


  • Physician  and medical providers will visit patients according to their level of care.  Minimum standards are set, but all patients will be seen as frequently as their condition warrants.  
  • Visiting  hours are flexible. Immediate family may visit at will unless the  physician/practitioner orders state otherwise.  
  • Discharge  planning will begin at the time of admission. The patient and patient's family  will be actively involved.  Swingbed  meetings are held once a week with the  patient, patient's family  (if the  patient desires) and all the necessary hospital departments, in order to fully address the  patient's needs and facilitate  optimal  recovery for the patient.


Our goal is to  assist you in regaining your health. We would appreciate any questions, comments, or concerns about our  program.

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